Santa Cruz - Beach Boardwalk V00001

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North-west facing rising aerial taken just before sunset from the mouth of the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. The famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Seabright State Beach are visible in their entirety. Camera pans down as the viewing heigh increases. 
Pilot: Stan Khlevner


Footage Dimensions: 3840w x 2160h (4K UHD), 1920w x 1080h (1080p)
4K File Size: 148.2 MB
1080p File Size: 54 MB
File type: MP4
Codec: H.264
FPS: 29.97

Video Length: 0:21

Airspace: Class G
Night-time: No
Waivers: None Required

City & State: Santa Cruz, CA
Country: United States of America