San Francisco - Park Merced and Ingleside Heights at Sunset V00001

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West-facing reveal shot of an epic sunset in San Francisco, CA. The shot starts behind a few trees that are silhouetted by the sunset. Then the drone flies up and over the trees to reveal the sunset and Park Merced apartment buildings in the distance.
Pilot: Stan Khlevner


Footage Dimensions: 3840w x 2160h (4K UHD), 1920w x 1080h (1080p)
4K File Size: 158.8 MB
1080p File Size: 55.9 MB
File type: MP4
Codec: H.264
FPS: 29.97

Video Length: 0:26

Airspace: Class G
Night-time: No 
Waivers: None Required

City & State: San Francisco, CA
Country: United States of America