Daly City - Coastline V00004

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The shot starts with a paraglider crossing the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. Then the camera pans to the left to expose the coastline of Daly City. Houses are exposed up the cliff from the coast. Additional paragliders can be seen in the distance.
Pilot: Stan Khlevner


Footage Dimensions: 4096w x 2160h (DCI 4K), 1920w x 1080h (1080p - Scaled to Fill)
4K File Size: 261.7 MB
1080p File Size: 87.4 MB
File type: MP4
Codec: H.264
FPS: 23.976

Video Length: 0:35

Airspace: Class G
Night-time: No
Waivers: None Required

City & State: Daly City, CA
Country: United States of America