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San Francisco - Downtown Skyline V00001

Slow-moving fixed angle shot overlooking the skyline of downtown San Francisco, CA during sunset on a cloudy day. The majority of the city is already covered in shadow as the... Learn More


San Francisco - Lake Merced V00001

North-west facing rising aerial overlooking Lake Merced in San Francisco, CA. Taken during sunset on an overcast day. The tones of the shot are dark.Pilot: Stan Khlevner EXCLUSIVE FLIGHT COMPLIANT™... Learn More


Oakland - Shipping Container Storage M00002

West-ward facing shot over a mostly empty shipping container storage lot in Oakland, CA taken close to sundown. In the foreground, a few blue container stacks are visible in an area... Learn More


Daly City - Lake Merced M00001

West-facing image taken from Daly City overlooking Lake Merced in San Francisco, CA. Somewhat saturated, the image was taken at sunset on a cloudy day. Purple shades dominate the sky.Pilot:... Learn More


Walnut Creek - County Field M00001

Western facing shot of unincorporated land in Walnut Creek, CA. Taken at sunset on a cloudy day, the sun can be seen setting along the horizon. Residential housing and a school can be seen around... Learn More


Santa Cruz - Pacific Ocean M00001

Southern-facing shot over the water just off Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz, CA. The shot was taken at sunset. A small section of land, including the scenic Cliff Drive road,... Learn More


San Francisco - Sutro Tower M00001

San Francisco's iconic Sutro Tower on a partly cloudy day. The Clarendon Heights residential neighborhood is also visible in the foreground. The sun is setting in the west over the Pacific Ocean.Pilot:... Learn More


San Mateo - Highway 101 and 92 Interchange M00001

Westward facing shot facing the Highway 101 and 92 Interchange in San Mateo, CA. The sun is setting and the clouds have a purplish hue. Borel Creek is also visible, as well... Learn More


San Francisco - Park Merced and Ingleside Heights at Sunset V00008

West-facing fly-in shot of an epic sunset in San Francisco, CA. The drone zooms in, always displaying a sunset, Park Merced apartment buildings and Ingleside Heights district in the distance.Pilot: Stan Khlevner EXCLUSIVE MEDIA Footage Dimensions:... Learn More