Kara Murphy

Born and raised in California, Kara currently resides in Michigan. She enjoys traveling the country and world in search of fresh new perspectives. Kara is a certified remote pilot, freelance marketing consultant, aerial artist, and writer. Learn more about Kara here:
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San Francisco - Salesforce Tower M00001

Unique shot of the Salesforce Tower being constructed in downtown San Francisco. A construction crane is visible and the top section of the tower is still incomplete. The building is... Learn More


Detroit - Ambassador Bridge M00001

A south facing shot of the Ambassador Bridge with Windsor, Ontario, Canada in the background. Taken during the winter, there is snow on the ground, but the Detroit River is not frozen. The sign... Learn More


San Francisco - Cityscape M00001

North-western shot taken over San Francisco during sunset. The Golden Gate bridge can be faintly seen in the background. Urban shot on a clear day. Pilot: Kara Murphy EXCLUSIVE FLIGHT COMPLIANT™ MEDIA Image... Learn More


San Francisco - Cityscape at Sunset M00001

Westward facing image of the cityscape of San Francisco and the Bay at sunset on a partly cloudy day. The city is cast in shadow, with the sun peering through... Learn More


Los Angeles - Griffith Observatory M00001

Cinematic shot of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Taken close to dusk, the hills are dark and the observatory is prominently featured in the middle of the shot. Pilot: Kara Murphy FLIGHT... Learn More


San Francisco - City Hall M00001

Ninety degree downward facing shot of San Francisco's iconic City Hall. A perfectly aligned angle directly over the top of the main dome. Colorful shot with shades of purple, blue and gold. Pilot: Kara... Learn More