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San Francisco - Glen Park M00001

East-facing image taken over Glen Park baseball field. Residential buildings in the Glen Park district of San Francisco are visible on an overcast day. A tennis court is visible in... Learn More


Menlo Park - Salt Flats Barrier M00001

Ninety degree downward facing shot over the division between the salt flats and grassland in Menlo Park, CA. The is a stark contrast between the types of lands visible. The segmentation runs... Learn More


Brentwood - Hills M00001

Southwestern facing shot taken just after sunrise on a partly cloudy day. A paved road and dirt path run parallel in the middle of the image. Hills are seen in... Learn More


San Francisco - Laurel Hill Playground M00001

A 90 degree vertical shot facing directly down over the baseball field at Laurel Hill Playground in San Francisco, CA. In this urban environment shot, streets, cars, houses a small... Learn More


Rio Vista - Wind Turbine Farm M00001

An endless field of wind turbines on a partly cloudy day. There is a prominent wind turbine in the right-hand portion of the frame, casting a partially visible shadow. A... Learn More


Walnut Grove - Helen Madere Memorial Bridge M00001

South-west facing shot over the Sacramento River taken at sunset. The Helen Madere Memorial Bridge (also known as the Rio Vista Bridge) is visible, but is very dark and covered... Learn More


Huntington Beach - Wetlands M00001

West-facing, highly saturated image of the wetlands in Huntington Beach, CA. The cloudy red sky is reflected on the large pools of water. The land is dark.Pilot: Stan Khlevner EXCLUSIVE... Learn More


San Pedro - Sunken City M00001

North-facing shot over the water just off the Pt. Fermin area of San Pedro, CA - famously referred to as the "Sunken City" due to a historic landslide in the year 1929. The... Learn More


Pacifica - Pacific Ocean M00001

Angled downward facing image of the Pacific Ocean near the California coastline. Rocks pierce the waterline in the middle and top-left sections of the image. Pilot: Stan Khlevner EXCLUSIVE FLIGHT COMPLIANT™ MEDIA... Learn More